Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On a Wing & a Scare - Part 2 (September 2010)

I charged into the bedroom. I scanned the room for bats, but not too carefully. I didn’t actually want to see the bat if it was still there. I just wanted a quick scan to see that he wasn’t still there. I quickly grabbed all my clothes and scampered out of the room, securing the door behind me. From there, I went about the rest of the morning and went to work.

Around 10:00, I called Mich to ask if he had found our winged visitor. Indeed he had. Our friend was sleeping peacefully on the window frame in the spare room. Summoning his long-dormant bat-nabbing skills from his basement-dwelling teen years, he scooped up the bat in a hat, sealed it with a sheet of paper and released the critter outside. It squeaked and squirmed its displeasure and flew away in the unfamiliar morning light. So, we woke it up at an unfamiliar time. Hey, it woke me up at 3:00 A.M.! Turn-about is fair play.

You might think the first thing I did the next day was call a pest control company. That’s what I should have done, but sometimes we Baileys aren’t that bright.

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